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Delivery Arrangement

1.  All products are purposed for local order and delivery. The range of delivery and “SF-Express Self Pick-up” is same as the one of "SF Express" at that time. Additional charges may be required for remote areas and extra services. Please refer to "SF Express" official website at www.sf-express.com before purchasing.

2.  Customers can choose “Self-Pickup at our branch”, “Delivery Charges Paid by Receiver” or “SF-Express Self Pick-up”.

3.  Upon the completion of online payment process, we will issue an order confirmation by email and inform you of the delivery arrangement as soon as possible.

4.  If customer want to pay in cash, you need to contact our customer service officers to confirm the order, and pay the goods in cash when picking them up at our designated branch.


Please bring your shopping bag or carrier before arriving at our centre(s).

Delivery delay caused by unknown or incorrect address

1.  To avoid delay, please check the name and shipping address of the recipient carefully after receiving the order confirmation. If amendment is required, please contact us at wjhy@wjhy.com.hk or 2360 0173 immediately.

2.  All the return requests arising from unknown or incorrect address will not be accepted.

3.  We are not liable for any losses caused by unknown or incorrect address which is provided by the customer.

4.  If you found the goods had been returned to us by "SF Express", please contact us within 3 days after return. Please fill in the “Re-delivery Service Form” and email/fax to us together with the proof of payment. After verification, we will re-deliver the goods to your specified address by “Delivery Charges Paid by Receiver” or “SF-Express Self Pick-up”. This redelivery service is applicable to each order just once.

Inclement weather arrangement

When the weather is not suitable for delivery (such as Black Rainstorm Warning Signal and Typhoon Signal No. 8), please contact "SF Express" for rescheduling directly.