About us


Wai Ji Christian Service


Wai Ji Christian Service strives for excellence and creativity in serving people with disabilities, promoting their well-being and enhancing their inclusion in society.


The mission of Wai Ji Christian Service is to reflect God’s love for people with disabilities by offering them support, encouraging their efforts to integrate into society, defending their rights and liberties, and empowering them to make contributions to the community at large. To this end the organization seeks to develop and maintain a diverse yet innovative range of services, facilities, programmes, research and educational activities, in partnership with the families of people with disabilities and with the wider community.


1) To demonstrate the Christian conviction that each human being is valuable in their own right.

2) To provide nurture, care and training for people with disabilities so that they may develop to their full potential.

3) To develop staff to provide the nurture, care and training for people with disabilities and their families.

4) To support and educate the families of people with disabilities.

5) To initiate, promote, plan, provide, manage and develop other activities, services and institutions for people with disabilities as needed.


Wai Ji Hong Yip Company Limited

Background and history

Wai Ji Hong Yip Co. Ltd. (Hong Yip) was established by Wai Ji Christian Service in May 2002. It is a social enterprise which aims to create suitable employment opportunities for people with disabilities through business operations. The profits made will be used to maintain the business and continue the development of vocational rehabilitation work for people with disabilities.


Hong Yip’s mission is to fulfill the work of caring for and assisting with the career development of people with disabilities, facilitate them to utilize their abilities and become more confident of themselves, and contribute to the creation of an inclusive society through commercial or business operations.


1) To create an environment with both business and rehabilitation elements so as to provide open employment opportunities for people with disabilities to live independently and make contributions to the society.

2) To build up an inclusive working environment and system so as to encourage the principle of social inclusion.

3) To make reasonable profits so as to maintain the business and achieve a continual development for the provision of more employment opportunities to people with disabilities.

4) To provide quality service to customers so as to exemplify some good ways of doing business.