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Frequently Asked Questions


I.         About account and password

1. I forget my password.

Please select [Member Login], click [Forgot Password] and follow the instructions. Please login again after resetting the password. If you do not receive the password reset email, it may be classified as spam. Please check your spam box.


II.       About shopping

1. How to check the order status?

Please email us at wjhy@wjhy.com.hk.


2. I do not have a PayPal account and a credit card. Can I pay by bank transfer/cash deposit/send cash by mail?

Sorry, we accept "PayPal" only.
If customer want to pay in cash, you need to contact our customer service officers to confirm the order, and pay the goods in cash when picking them up at our designated branch.


III.    About your order

1. Can I cancel the item(s)/change the color or quantity of the item(s) after the payment is made?

The order will be automatically proceeded by the system, so we can't cancel/change the color and quantity of the item(s). Please check the color and quantity of product(s) carefully before confirming the order to avoid unnecessary troubles.


2. Why didn't I receive the order confirmation?

Please check your email's spam box.


IV.    About delivery

1. How can I change the delivery address?

Before shipping: Please email us at wjhy@wjhy.com.hk.

After shipping: Please contact "SF Express" Customer Service Hotline.


2. Can I cancel the order/exchange the item(s)?

We do not accept any return requests which was caused by the customer, but please do contact us at wjhy@wjhy.com.hk if you find any product(s) missing or damaged.


3. Can you deliver to an overseas address?

We offer HKG local courier services only.


4. How can I calculate courier charge?

It will be based on the charges of "SF Express". Additional cost may be required, which depends on the service you need. For further information, please refer to "SF Express" official website at www.sf-express.com/hk.


5. Can I specify the delivery date?

We don't provide this service because our trainees take time to handcraft. If you have any special requests, please email us at wjhy@wjhy.com.hk.


6. Can I combine multiple orders?

Sorry, they can't be combined.


7. Can I choose another courier service provider?

We nominate "SF Express" for now.


8. I wasn't at home, and the parcel was returned. Can you ship again?

Please contact "SF Express" Customer Service Hotline. If the parcel had been returned to us, please email us at wjhy@wjhy.com.hk.


V.      About customer service

1. I have contacted your staff. Why don't I receive any reply?

Our office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 09:00-17:30. Closed on General Holidays.

Please be patient in peak season.


2. My product seems to have a problem.

All the products are artistically handmade by our workshop trainees, so the products will be slightly different or presented with defective beauty, please see this as "individual piece of art".

We have strictly inspected before shipping out the products to ensure the excellent quality. Please feel free to contact us at wjhy@wjhy.com.hk if you find the products are damaged or missing right after opening the parcel.